Yes, People, I Am Still Single

One of the things I like about getting older is that many of the things that used to bother me when I was younger, no longer do.  One of those things that no longer bothers me is being asked --often in an incredulous tone-- why I'm still single.  And its a good thing because it happened, again,  just the other day.

I ran into a woman I went to high school with.  It seems like 1000 years since we've seen each other.   She recognized me and waved me over. I didn't recognize her but her name was familiar.  I felt a little awkward because she remembered me well and I was struggling with trying to come up with some memories of her.  I didn't have any.  But I didn't want to seem rude so I decided to focus on the present. "So, what are you up to now", I asked.


After I caught her up on my life, she said "Oh my God!  You never got married?  What happened??"  Continue reading…






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