Yes, the sticker is in MY book, Bethenny!

I’m not quite sure how to process the events of today yet.  My head is still spinning around from everything that’s happened.  When I woke up just 18 hours ago, I was prepared for a pretty average day of meetings in the morning, and work in the afternoon.  I was going to a signing at Anderson’s Bookstore in Naperville with Bethenny Frankel for her new book,Skinnygirl Solutions – that was going to be the highlight of my day.  As I sat at my vanity this morning, I thought to myself, “If I won a trip to New York, I would need to take Kari ( with me because the last time I went to New York I took my sweetie with me.”  I put the thought out of my head and went about with my morning routine with my daughters, getting them out the door for school and getting myself to my meetings.

Fast forward 4 1/2 hours from sitting at my vanity.   I was standing in the above mentioned bookstore, listening to Bethenny tell the gathered crowd that whoever had the orange sticker in their book would be winning a trip to New York to see her new talk show, “bethenny”.

While I was looking at the sticker INSIDE OF MY BOOK!

I don’t remember much of the next 10 minutes.  Other than to say that I know I introduced myself.  Cried a little.  Felt like my insides were filled with spaghetti and that I was going to pass out.  Managed to string a coherent sentence together when Bethenny and I called Kari to tell her she was coming with me.  And told Bethenny something very personal that always made me feel connected to her (a similar situation that we shared in life), seeing her eyes well up and feeling her hug me really tight, for a long time.

There are pictures.  I handed both my phone and my camera off to a staff member at the bookstore.  I haven’t looked through them.  Winning the trip also meant that I was a part of the #CallingAllMyGirls cocktail party event tonight at the Roof on the Wit in Chicago, promoting Bethenny’s new show.

There are pictures of that too that I haven’t sorted through yet either.

But I promise I will and will definitely write a proper post with awesome pictures and more details as I put them all together.  Right now I need to figure out how to come down from the adrenaline rush I have been on since 11:30 this morning and get some sleep.

Bethenny, I cannot WAIT to see you in New York!!!  THANK YOU!

As you told me this morning, #YouGottabeInItToWinIt




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