Yes we can... put a puppy in the White House

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With all of the political buzz going on today, there's just one topic weighing most heavily on everyone's minds: What kind of dog will the Obamas get?

(You mean... that wasn't your primary concern? I don't understand. Don't you care about our country at all?)

As I watched Barack Obama's speech last night, I laughed out loud when he got to the line about how much he loves his daughters and how they've earned the puppy they'll be getting when they move to the White House. To my mind, it was a perfect, incredibly human, parental touch. I cannot even begin to imagine the toll that the campaign trail can take on a family; while I doubt that a puppy is going to make or break the Obama girls' experience, here, it seemed a very sweet gesture.

And as every parent knows -- you can't make a promise like that in front of all those people and renege. That puppy will happen.

So now everyone wants to know what it'll be.

ms.well_words is thinking about the weightiness of it:

Much as I love my English Springer Spaniel, and he's great with people (especially kids), I don't think that would be an appropriate choice. A hound of traditional US pedigree might be advisable, but a rescue mut might be more politically sensitive. Who'd have thought that picking a puppy could be such a political decision?

Lou of On a Lighter Note has her recommendation:

And Mr. President, I can't wait what kind of puppy you're going to get. I can definitely recommend a beagle.

And, of course, plenty of folks are already clamoring for a shelter adoption. Gracie the Dog has her opinion on the matter:

Frankly, I think Obama should forget about getting a puppy. The White House is no place for house training, crying and mess. He should do what my mom Cathy does: get a nice full-grown, mixed-breed dog from a shelter.

At least he's not getting a cat, like the Ford administration. There's hope for the country.

The Animal Law Blog makes the request simply:

And President-Elect Obama - you know that puppy you mentioned in your victory speech that you promised your kids would be moving to the White House with you? Please adopt from a shelter.

Scribbles cautions that the timing is poor:

It's really not a good idea to buy a puppy just before a house move. Better to buy one after Christmas, when the animal can be introduced into a more settled environment.

And if you need some dog-themed election humor, check out FeministGal:

We took Beans (our plott hound/beagle mix) to the dog-park and taught him to excitedly bark every time we said "Obama."

What do you think? Do we as a country need to be concerned about the Obamas' pet plans?

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