Yes, You Can STOP Breast Cancer In It's Tracks!

Breast cancer develops when cells in the breast become abnormal. Scientists suspect that this happens because either a virus or a bacteria infects a few cells and causes a mutation. The mutated cells then attack other normal cells and force them to replicate more mutated cells.

Your doctor will tell you there are certain risk groups that you might fall into that will cause you to develop breast cancer. These risk groups include:

A. Age
B. Gender
C. Family history
D. Race
E. Dense breast tissue

There are more but what good does it do for you and me when all of these risk factors are out of our control? Every doctor in the world will also tell you that antiperspirants DO NOT cause breast cancer, and I just happen to believe they are either wrong or deliberately lying to us.

Perspiring is natural and your body expects to be able to rid itself of toxins by perspiring. When it is unable to do so the sweat glands become under-active and the toxins from the sweat that did not leave our body, ends up being stored inside the body until the red blood cells can pick them up and dispose of them through normal channels.

But, because this is not the primary job of healthy red blood cells, often times this process is dead slow and your body never fully rids itself of all these toxins. Doesn’t it make sense that the bacteria or virus that ‘mysteriously’ gets into our breast came from these toxins that have over-stayed their welcome in our breasts?

It seems to me that it is these toxins that contribute to the development of breast cancer. And even if I am wrong, we don’t have anything to lose by simply allowing our bodies to do the job it has been naturally programmed to do, without unhealthy interference from us.

Of course, no doctor can recommend that you stop buying and using antiperspirants because the big corporations seem to think that they own us and our money and that we should spend it in whatever manner they see fit. Even when they know the are poisoning us.

Yet, there is an easier, simpler and more natural way to control under-arm odor and it has been around for almost 100 years.

Here is the secret:

1. Mix a small amount of baking soda and 35% Food Grade H202 (diluted) and make a paste. (See exact mixing directions in The Oxygen Therapy Program Comprehensive Usage Manual – ALWAYS dilute 35% H2O2 as using full strength can damage sensitive tissues and body parts.). Using a towel, rub the paste on your underarm area until it is completely covered, then wipe off with a damp cloth.

That’s it. You can live healthier and never have any underarm odor again!

Do this for yourself and teach your sons and daughters to protect their bodies as well.

The benefits you will receive from just this simple life-style change will be remarkable, especially if it means that you do not have to endure the horror of breast cancer, chemotherapy and the myriad of pills you will have to take so that the radiation doesn’t kill you!

Get 35% Food Grade H202 and get started today!

What does the American Cancer Society say about the cause of breast cancer? If you’re like me, you won’t care because you will also know that they haven’t found a single cure, even with billions in donations since their formation in 1948.

They say: Every dollar you donate to the American Cancer Society goes towards eliminating cancer as a major health concern. ACS.

I say: Prove it!

May God Bless and Keep You!

When the women of a society are powerless, their men will eat the bones of the children. Lynne Gordon

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