The 10 Most Powerful Hashtags of All Time

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I came back to work after a three-day social media vacation … to be thunderstruck by the #YesAllWomen hashtag, which evolved on May 24 as a discussion of misogyny related to the the shootings in Isla Vista, California. The sheer number of people, telling their stories and their truths about what we face as women in the world, is incredible.

10 Most Powerful Hashtags

Of course, with the work I do here at BlogHer and on the social web, I am always thinking about how we use hashtags. And on reflecting or thinking about or planning BlogHer's Tenth Anniversary, we here at work have ben discussing what are the hashtags that have meant the most to us. But the outpouring of #YesAllWomen moved me to turn inward. I combed through my own Twitter archive, looking for the hashtags I've been moved to tweet about, and the ones I retweeted.


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