Yesterday’s Observations from the Teeter


Yesterday, while strolling the aisles at my local Harris Teeter, I was shocked at how many locals must have read my blog the other day praising Chobani! I’m kidding, of course, but the word must be out about this delicious yogurt… when I went to grab some, here’s what I found:

After grabbing the last two lonely Chobanis (Chobanies?), I headed to the fish section to pick up some WILD salmon, but they didn’t have any.  I did notice however, a few other farm-raised options with their fancy “color-added” sign… yuck.

Yes, the fish man looked at me like I was crazy as I snapped pictures of his fish display.

With no wild salmon available, I decided to go with wild halibut (am the only one who still giggles at that fish name? I am?  How embarrassing…)  I went to pick up some corn chips for my fish dish and did a little comparing there, as well.

I was impressed that there was a lower sodium option available, but checked out the labels because often times “lower” sodium, “lower” calories, “lower” fat labels can be deceiving.  Keep in mind that ‘lower’ does not mean ‘low’. Take Oreos for example.  One serving of regular Oreos (which only consists of 3 cookies… be honest, how many people can just have 3 Oreos?) has 160 calories/7 g fat/ 14 g sugar.  A serving of Reduced Fat Oreos (also 3 cookies) has 150 calories/ 4.5 g fat/ 14 g of sugar.  The “healthier” version only saves you 10 calories? And has the same amount of sugar? YUP.  Beware of labeling.  I swear I’ve seen bottled water advertised as ‘fat free’ before. Duh.

I wrapped things up at the grocery store and headed home to make dinner for Hubs and me...

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