yo-go, baby!



I started a little project a couple of weeks ago after a visit to my local nursery. Mind you, "little" and "project" don't always go well together with me. But this really was little. It had to be. I was doing it in The Closet: growing seeds!

A lot of these little green folk didn't need to be started inside at all. I just did it because I was just DYING to see them grow, up close and personal-like

I am not very good at this. I haven't seen anything quite as miserable as those sunflowers in a long, long while (well, maybe since I last sat in an office, ha, ha ha). I have got to transplant those babies and maybe just do this seed-starting-inside-thing when I have some root gel. Or know even a remote something about fertilizer.

Here, we have Mr. Cucumber who surprised us all by just quietly doing his thing, plumping out and getting all huge on the vine. SHOCKER, seeing him there, all of the sudden!

Moxie sure enjoyed him. Not quite as much as she's enjoying yogurt, however.



Apparently, I breed yogurt-lovers.

I am also apparently breeding a Pirate. Micah is insisting that I call him "Captain Micah":

- do you want to be in my cweh? (crew)
- well, you must call me CAPTAIN MICAH
okay, Captain Micah
-no, you must say, "aye-aye, Captain Micah"
um. okay. AYE AYE, Captain Micah
- all to the hatchet!
all to the hatchet!
no, no, no - you must say, "aye-aye, Captain"
-oh. I can't say "all to the hatchet"?
no, the Captain says that and you are the crew and you must say, "aye-aye, Captain"
oh-kaaaaaaay. aye- aye, SIR CAPTAIN MICAH!
*micah smiled*

he also greatly enjoys enthusiastically belting "FIFTEEN BARRELS ON A DEAD MAN'S CHEST, YO HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF RUM", I wonder if pretty much the whole entire block enjoys listening to it as much? Or the whole entire store we visit? The whole entire library? The whole entire movie theater?

Moxie is his parrot, "Moxie can be my pawwot", we are his crew

...and he *must* drink from his Pirates cup, "AHOY MATEY!!" he says when he sees it. Or pretty much anyone, when his pirate-mood comes over him. Which is quite often. What is it with little boys and pirates? Are they born with a specific gene that propels them to trains, large earth-moving equipment and trucks? To pirates? Heads them over (soon, I hear) to legos?
Do yours have this gene as well?

Moxie's back to her yogurt...

i see you, little drop of yogurt!

Trying to seek out every last bit to lick, scrape, dig out, smear.  She does a pretty fantastic job of ensuring that each and every inch of herself, her chair and the area around her chair is appropriately graced with whatever she was trying to consume. Or perhaps she's just sharing with everything? I don't know.

I just know there is a colossal mess to clean up. And little seedlings that I ought to plant today if they have any hope at all of living.
. So I'd better get to it.



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