Yo, Hobo!

Just a little story from my week.

Thursday morning, 6:54am.

My darling son begins to pack his binder for school. Mind you, his ride is leaving at exactly 7:00am. His binder, which is stuffed full of crushed, folded, miscellaneous papers from his seven subject, eighth grade day will barely close. It’s really a crap shoot most every day to see if he can put Humpty Dumpty back together again – zip it up and GO!

In a panic he looks up at me and says, “The zipper is broken!” In the short period of time I try to repair said broken zipper with zero success. It is indeed broken.

8th grader’s solution, “Do we have a really big Ziploc bag?”

Actually the giant Ziploc would be an awesome solution for him. Clear, all in one place – a dream. Now if I could also develop a magnetic writing implement holder we could attach to his chest.

“Not that big!!” I respond

The only viable solution at 6:59am is a white garbage bag. I place his binder in the bag leaving half of the blue Trapper Keeper visible. My thought is he can carry it around like a special delivery to each class. Problem solved! Tadaaaaa!

He is off to school — clothes crumpled, favorite shirt with stains and hair sticking in all directions to add to his fashion statement. And, a smile on his face — or is that a grimace?

He arrives home from school later that afternoon –  the garbage bag held up. Excellent!

I asked, “Did anyone ask where they could send donations?”

Thankfully he laughed and proclaimed proudly, “I just threw the bag over my shoulder and walked through school like a Hobo all day.”


Lori Werhane


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