Exercise and PMS and which foods to avoid

 We are on to day four of our PMS Series today and it is time to talk exercise.

Do you exercise to help your PMS symptoms or do you think it makes it worse?

What about when the river arrives, help or hurt?

The latter is up to each person, personally my cramping is so bad that any heavy aerobic exercise during the first 1-2 days aggravates it.  I prefer yoga or something of the more gentle nature, or to just sit on the couch with my chocolate :)

There is alot of proof however  that Pre Menstrual Symptoms can be helped with exercise.

Exercise enhances your mood

Regular exercise regimens may help improve hormone related mood changes

Yoga can help calm and relieve tension, check yesterdays post to see some great moves to help with PMS (I tried it tonight and it certainly calmed my PMS angst)

Pilates stretches and elongates the body giving relief to body aches

Swimming a few days before your cycle starts for a overall sense of well being

Kickboxing can help you beat out the irritability and frustration

Jogging or running up a sweat  may help release excess water and relieve bloating.  Do it outside and enjoy the benefits of nature and fresh air.

Work out to upbeat music, music is a huge mood changer

Exercise and get your blood flow moving, get  oxygen and nutrients moving around your body fighting lethargy

Endorphins will help stabalize your blood sugar and help manage your cravings.

What about Strength Training - Here is what I learnt myself form researching

Your ability to recover should be undiminished as the hormone fluctuations shouldn't effect muscle tissue repair

A decrease in performance can occur during the luteal phase. (After ovulation for about 12-16 days it ends when the first day of menstruation occurs).

A study by the university of British Columbia noted an increase in knee injury during the ovulatory phase. This is due to your body producing more estrogen and your ability to repair collagen or tissue that holds your joints becoming slightly compromised.

 Now about those foods, this is a TOUGH one for me because I want to do most of the things you shouldn't.

Foods to Avoid

  • Too much caffeine - Constricts blood vessels and dehydrates your body leading to migraines and nervousness
  • Too much Dairy - Dairy contains arachadonic acids which then produce prostaglandins , these when released into your body can cause uterus spasms
  • Sodium - Skip those processed foods the sodium will just add to the bloat
  • Sugar - Too much sugar will spike your blood sugar levels then crash.  This leaves us feeling cranky and lethargic.
Try eating foods rich in Vitamin C and Potassium.  Drink lots of water and try eating six smaller meals to keep blood sugar  leveled out.

Give a regular exercise routine a whirl and see if it can help you beat some of the monthly blues!



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