Yoga: Stabilize on Inhales, Flexibilize on Exhales

Yes, I just totally made up a word that I have no real plans of using!  However, within any yoga pose, there is a continuous cycle of grounding (stability) and exploring depth (flexibility). With each inhale, check in and make sure that you feel grounded, stable and aware from your feet all the way up your body. You want to feel that your breath can move through your body unhindered.

With each exhale, explore depth; explore the possibility of taking your experience a little further, a little deeper. The edge constantly moves. This continuous cycle is an opportunity for introspection, turning inward and tuning in. When you are done, safely exit the pose equally mindfully as while you were in it. You should feel longer, taller and that your breath has more space to flow within your body. Ahh, the magic of yoga.


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