Yogadivamama Comes to Town

Follow me as I struggle to combat mid-life, shopping addiction and co-dependence that has been a life-long friend and foe. Being blessed with an insane style of my own version of a white picket fence childhood...which was more like a broken shack that was losing its hinges. I have developed into a successful wife, mother, teacher, school board member and yes, writer. My first book is in the basic stages but will take all through my journey of co-dependence, guiding a child through addiction to sobriety and my own awakening. My story is real and will if shared help the many that hide behind their own perfections that society embraces rather than the shedding of the realities so the truth sets you free of the shame and brings you to the path of true happiness. Follow my road. It is filled with love, laughter and a look into life and wellness that should be shared and applauded.

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