You are beautiful.

I know that
everyone around these parts of the blogosphere is all shredding, and
EA-activing, and Wii-fitting, and getting HASAY in time for BlogHer,
but I just have one thing to say, and I’d like you to hear me out.

You are beautiful, just the way you are.

You are.  You may not see it when you look in the mirror, but think
how amazing and wonderful your body is, to work in just the right ways,
at just the right times.  It may not be the size or shape that you’d
want it to be, but I’m willing to bet that it works, and that is worth more a lot more than fitting into some swimsuit.

But if you’re still all worried about that swimsuit?  Come swimming
with me at BlogHer Saturday or Sunday morning.  I’ll be there, in all
my imperfection, but I’ll be enjoying that beautiful pool that
overlooks the lake.

Why should I let an imperfect body stop me from enjoying my weekend?

Also posted at Toddler Planet.


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