You Are So Much More

When you are feeling that you are less than, know that you are so much more than you can ever imagine. It's difficult for us to describe how much you will make an impact on others in your lifetime, if you do not believe in yourself. Everyday is a struggle when you are living with self doubt. You are blind to the beauty we see within you. If you could look into our eyes and see what is reflected, you would be amazed. What a difference between the person you believe you are and the courageous spirit that stands before us. Know that you are so much more and when you are ready to continue your journey, we will be waiting to walk besides you. As you venture on your unique path, your destiny will unfold before your eyes.

The sun is always shining behind the clouds...

(How much more is there within me? I'm giving so much attention to my own personal needs, that the universal plan, which guides me on my journey, has been taking a back seat. If I pause for a moment, things may become clearer. It seems the crazier life gets, the more I need to relax.)



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