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Last Friday night, for a minute, i died.


When my husband cautioned me against driving in "the weather" (in P.E.I., that means snow, and in this case, 2-4 cm), i scoffed. i told him he worried too much, and that he should live a little. I rolled my eyes.


"I've been driving for six years, babe," i added (i didn't get my license until i was 28). Like in an instant on an icy road, that would have mattered. It's you versus the elements. And the elements don't  exactly care about your driving record.


Grammie's house was only an hour away and Lei was pumped for her sleepover. After a cup of tea with Mum, she cautioned me to go super slowly on my way back to town. The blustering snow was coming down a little harder now and the roads were covered. It was starting to drift. No problem, i said. I laced up my boots and kissed my six year old goodbye. I didn't even think twice.


Little did i know that only moments later and probably not four kilometres away, i would catch my tire, and spinning out of control, nosedive into the ditch, and flip my truck; seconds later i would crawl out the driver's side window upside down and to the icy ground beneath.


I passed a school bus once, because it was foggy and I didn't see its lights were on. That was traumatic.


This was something else. This was divine intervention.


I assessed my condition as soon as i left the x-trail, upside down,  tires spinning and the headlights still on. I didn't have a scratch. I wasn't broken, i wasn't in pain, i could see; i was intact, though i looked down at my body to be sure. I was ALIVE.


When I was calling the tow truck, i saw another car go into the ditch on the opposite side of the road. I cursed.  I was ALIVE.


When the policeman invited me into his car to get my statement, he ran my plates and was kind enough to remind that that my truck was no longer registered. You're two months overdue, he said. Yes i was; and I was ALIVE.


When Mitch's sister and husband came to my rescue, i was in a state of shock. I just kept repeating, "I'm ALIVE! I'm ALIVE!" I kept thinking that ...


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Live for this moment. This moment is your life.


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