You Are Where You Are Supposed To Be

There are times when you question why you are where you are at. You've often told that you are where you're supposed to be. But it doesn't stop you from asking "Why?" You are filled with doubts and questions that you have no answers to. At times you're impatient to move on because it doesn't feel as if you're doing anything of purpose. But there is purpose in learning to be patient and trusting that the universe has your happiness in mind. Knowledge often times comes hindsight. Cherish each moment that you are given because they are all gifts to enjoy.

Memories that stay with you forever...

(Sometimes I get so busy, I don't really think about where I am. There is so much to do within a day. But if I were to slow down, I may start thinking about where my life is going. Which may not be such a bad idea because I do need to stop once, if it helps me to enjoy the moment.)




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