You can't always get what you want...

“So I heard from the kitchen company today,” my husband, Marc, told me towards the end of our renovation project, “and it doesn’t seem like they are going to be able to get the stainless steel piece for behind the stove.”




“I don’t know.  They have been trying to contact the company but aren’t able to get through.  Probably has something to do with the hurricane.”


“So what are we going to do?”


“I spoke to them and we are going to use the same stone that is on the counters to go behind the stove.”


“Oh, that sounds nice.”


A week later the company came to install the stone.  Of course they measured it wrong.  They had to order a new piece of stone and cut it again.  Two weeks later they installed it.


“Oh, the stone was installed today?” I stated / asked Marc when I came home from work.


“Yep,” he answered with little enthusiasm.


“Looks good,” I stated with less enthusiasm.


“Yep,” Marc barely grunted.


Neither one of us wanted to say what we felt.  The stone looked HORRIBLE.  We hated it!


I took a shower and Marc popped a tray of frozen baked ziti in the stove to heat up for dinner.  As dinner cooked, Marc and I sat in the den and enjoyed a glass of wine.  We spoke about everything except for the stone.


***POP**** CRACK**** POP****CRACK****POP****


“What was that?” I screeched.


“I don’t know,” Marc answered as he got up and walked into the kitchen.  “Holy Shit!” he exclaimed.




“Look at the stone.  It cracked!”




“I bet they didn’t cut it thick enough. It’s against an outside wall and it’s freezing out.  Combine it with a hot stove.  And bam!”


“What are we going to do now?”


“I am calling the kitchen company tomorrow morning and they will have to change this.  This should never have happened.”


“I am not upset it did, actually,” I softly admitted.  “I hated that stone!”


“Yeah, me too…. Good thing for us we won’t have it for long!”


Fortunately for us, we had the stone replaced with tiles that we loved….

Has an unlucky event ever turned lucky for you?


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