You can't argue with science! What contraception IS and what it ISN'T!! Why the Hobby Lobby case is ludicrous!

Plan B One-Step is not the same as RU-486, which is an abortion pill. It does not cause a miscarriage or abortion. In other words, it does not stop development of a fetus once the fertilized egg implants in the uterus. So it will not work if you are already pregnant when you take it.  NOTE:  it will NOT stop an already pregnant woman from continuing on with her pregnancy, and if you remember your earlier reading, and abortion is a TERMINATION of a pregnancy.  This PREVENTS, not TERMINATES a pregnancy.

The other drug the company is opposed to is "ella", which is fairly new on the market.  This pill acts to suppress progesterone. This delays ovulation for up to five days, giving sperm time to die before an egg is released. It can also thin the lining of your uterus, making it harder for a fertilized egg to be implanted.

Are these pills abortion pills??  No. The abortion pill is already on the market and has been since 2000. Mifeprex (generic name: mifepristone, called RU-486 in Europe) is given only in a doctor’s office. It interferes with the actions of progesterone, which in turn interrupts the pregnancy. A second drug is then given to cause the uterus to contract and expel its contents. (as noted above).

So as I stated earlier, whatever your religious beliefs are or are not you can't argue with science and milligrams of a drug in a pill.

Are these devices manufactured to terminate pregnancies??  NO!!

These devices are manufactured and available to women as CONTRACEPTIVE devices.  The emotion in this case overwhelms people's ability to just whittle out the rhetoric and see the science and facts for what they are.

I am NOT a scholar on corporations and "personhood", so for facts about that you will need to turn to someone who understands that type of stuff, but science I "get".  Biology I "get".

And now hopefully you will "get" it a little more as well.

 Carol Rood

 Coffee, Clutter and Chaos

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