You Can't Handle the Truth?


Oh, yes Mister Nicholson. We CAN handle the truth!

Last evening during prime time, an entire parade of speakers marched to the podium of the Republican National Convention – including a number of Republican governors who have turned their states fiscal woes into celebrations with a lot of hard work and a whole bunch of tough love. (I was sequestered away in my bedroom where nobody would laugh at me when I waved my little American flag or got all misty-eyed over Ann Romney’s speech which touched this old grandmother deeply.)


Tuesday’s theme was simple. Americans can handle the truth about our dismal financial situation and Americans will make whatever sacrifices necessary to restore our great nation. When Americans are told the truth, they will rise to the challenge of fixing whatever problems come our way.


From Virginia’s Bob McDonnell and Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin to Wisconsin wunderkind Scott Walker whose success at corralling public worker’s unions has led that state from a 3.2 billion dollar budget deficit to a 154 million dollar surplus in two short years. While fighting for his political life and battling a recall election, Walker still managed to balance Wisconsin’s budget for the first time in 30 years,


You didn’t have to read between any lines. They said it right out loud. Republican leadership works.


It works at bringing spending into line. It works at creating an economic climate where small business owners can create jobs without fear of being punished and taxed for their successes. It works at inspiring the American people who are, according to Tuesday’s speakers, weary to the bone of the failures and excuses of the Obama administration.


The keynote address, delivered by New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie, was as fiery as one might expect from the colorful, no-nonsense leader. Christie has garnered respect from leaders across the country for his plain talk and stubbornly clinging to the basic Republican principles of lower taxes, limited government.


In his speech, Christie told the attendees and the rest of the world that Mitt Romney would tell the truth and lead with conviction into a second American century. His stirring comments were, of course, met with boundless enthusiasm from the audience who seem to have spent as much time on their feet during Christie’s speech as they were in their seats.


The New Jersey governor hammered home the point that the differences between Republicans and Democrats were based on the party’s view of the American people. Simply put, Democrats believe in Government. Republicans believe in people.


“Democrats believe in teacher’s unions,” he told the crowd, “Republicans believe in teachers.”

 “They believe seniors will always put themselves ahead of their grandchildren.  So they prey on their vulnerabilities and scare them with misinformation for the cynical purpose of winning the next election,” he said of Democrat’s perception of older Americans. “We know seniors not only want these programs to survive, but they just as badly want them secured for their grandchildren. Seniors are not selfish.”

I was pleased to hear a positive, hopeful message. There was no talking down to the American people last night. We were being asked, as equals, to sign on to the daunting adventure of restoring this Nation to greatness. The message had me and my little flag standing on my bed with tears cascading down my cheeks - proud of my party, proud of my country, and more committed than ever to make Barack Obama a one-term president.


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