You cried when you had no shoes, until you saw a man who had no feet.


In my eyes, I look at my life as a book. Each chapter is a reminder of who I am and what I have been through, good or bad. Some chapters might show someone I don’t like, or someone I wish I could be. But, I feel we forget to congratulate ourselves and cherish the fact that we made it to today. We need to be proud of that. You might not be able to go back in time and rewrite the past, but you have the chance to rewrite your future. If you believe in yourself and decide to start mending your past, you can make your future brighter. If you feel as though you have been living in darkness, you can take small steps and bring light back in your life. That’s the best part about living your own story. Anything can change at any given moment. Somethings will be out of your control, but, most of the time you are the author of your own book. Take a second and think of the moments when you have been proud of yourself. Think of the times you had an internal struggle and you pushed yourself to reach a goal. Remember how great that felt? In life, YOU have to be your biggest fan, and appreciate the struggles, and the times you have had to push yourself. We only get one life to live and as you travel on your path you will have to make many choices.

Personally, I have noticed that my thoughts are the hardest obstacle to overcome. Every single morning I find myself trying to talk myself out of going for a run. Our minds play tricks on us and we need to learn to overcome the negativity that surrounds us everyday. That’s how we can change our stories. Our dreams can be accomplished. If you believe in yourself you can do anything. It won’t happen on your couch with a bag of Lay’s potato chips (or, in my case, Ben & Jerry’s). You have to go out and pursue your dream. I have cried to my parents countless times about the the doors that have closed in my face. Those moments made me feel hopeless. I would tell myself I would never accomplish my future aspirations. But my Dad would always look me in my eyes and say, ”Hannah, just remember this saying, “You cried when you had no shoes, until you saw a man who had no feet.”  He was right. I was sitting here crying, when I am blessed. I can do what I set my mind to. All around the world children are starving and many have no clothes on their backs, or have no families or friends to help guide them. I have all of that. I think we let our subconscious remind us of all the bad things, when if we sit back – we will realize the amazing blessings that are put in front of us everyday.

Following my last entry, I think it’s the perfect time to start compiling my bucket list. I know the list will change as my life evolves; as I begin and continue to accomplish the things I want to do. In my mind, and for most people, a bucket list is a way of listing all of the things you want to do before you, “Kick the Bucket.” I wonder who came up with that saying, anyway? But, for me, my list will be complied of wishes, dreams, fears and anything I have ever wanted to do since I was a little girl. The loss of my Dad has shown me that in order to live life, you really have to enjoy yourself.

I hope everyone will think about their future and remember you can accomplish anything. Also, I hope if anyone has the same bucket list items as me, that you will let me know and we can accomplish them together! Having support in life makes you feel like you can accomplish anything.

Beautiful moment

Beautiful moment


1.Run a 5K.
2.Travel to Paris.
3.Kiss under the Eiffel Tower.
4.Participate in a mini triathlon.
5.Travel to Tuscany.
6.Travel to Southern France.
7.Sing a song and post it on YouTube.
8.Sing karaoke- without being intoxicated.
9.Write a children’s book.
10.Make an entire pinterest inspired meal- apps-entrees-dessert.
11.Skinny dip in the ocean – on vacation.
12.Buy my own horse (Friesian).
13.Participate in a Tough Mudder.
14.Travel to Amsterdam – learn about my heritage.
15.Put together a family cookbook.
16. Walk the Great Wall of China.
17.Participate in the Make a Wish campaign- Make a wish come true for someone.
18.Get in the best shape of my life.
19.Travel to Napa Valley and wine taste.
20.Travel to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.
21.Leave a HUGE tip to someone deserving.
22.Ride a horse on a beach.
23.Ride in a Hot Air Balloon.
24.Allow myself to make mistakes.
25.Learn to say no without feeling guilty.
26. Become the 1st Lady of the United States of America.
27.Donate my hair.
28.Ride an elephant in Thailand.
29.Go to the Kentucky Derby.
30.Purchase Giants season tickets .
31.Go for a Helicopter ride.
32.Have children and be a great Mom.
33.Take my family on a free vacation.
34.Win a debate.
35.Have the wedding of my dreams.
36.Make my own wine.
37.Go on a picnic – in a beautiful place.
38. Travel to all the places my father did.
39.Eat Macaroons in Paris.
40.Take a Gondola ride through Venice, Italy.
41.Host a Masquerade ball.
42.Go to the Chinese Lantern Festival.
43.Travel to Bora Bora for my Honeymoon.
44.Buy a Round of Drinks for the Whole Bar.
45.Go on a spontaneous vacation – head to the airport and take the next flight out.
46.Get married to my soul-mate.
47.Build my dream home.
48.Practice yoga on the beach.
49.Go to a Basketball game and sit court side
50.Leave someone a “pay it forward note” with 100 dollars.

As I stated above, my list will change over time. I think this is a great starting point, and I can’t wait to get started!

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