You Don't Have to Be Friends with the Whole Internet

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You don't have to like someone just because you are in the same minority group or because you are both women. You don't have to like someone because you blog in the same niche, your twitter names are similar, or you share the same last name. You don't have to like someone because you share a life event, you're both moms, you're both not moms, or you're both cancer survivors. You don't have to like someone because you're both members of Similarly, you can befriend someone online who has lived an entirely different life than you, who doesn't share your faith, or who has an opposing last name, like the McCoy to my Hatfield.

You get to choose who you like. While you can't necessarily keep them out of your online home -- shy of banning them on Twitter or their IP from visiting your blog, which is probably a different discussion -- you can choose who you invite to dinner in your home, who you connect with on a daily basis, who you turn to when you need support. And yes, who you friend, follow and generally like. Don't let someone tell you otherwise.

What do you do when you feel like you don't really mesh with someone online? Do you politely engage, ask them to go away or just ignore them entirely? How do you know when you don't mesh with someone online?


Family/Moms & Events Section Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog and The Chronicles of Munchkin Land.

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