You Don't Need A New Years Resolution If You Have FAITH!

2007 was an emotional roller coaster for me. I went through a divorce, I lost my job, I lost my house and I entered into a custody battle for my daughter.   I've always been a really strong woman, but 2007 tested my strength like it had never been tested before. As 2007 came to an end and I reminisced upon the ups and downs and ins and outs of my life, I realized that with everything I had You Don't Have To See The Entire Staircase,
Just Take The First Step ~ MLK
gone through, there was an instance I could have done something differently that would have allowed me to avoid the hardships. The decisions that I made lead me to the roller coaster and my insufficient way of dealing with my situations, sat me right in the front seat.

When 2008 rolled around I opted not to make a resolution, but to consciously shift my paradigm; or change the way I perceived things.  I decided there would not be a situation I would consciously consider "bad"; I resolved to be optimistic about everything.  I took the circumstances that were uncomfortable for me and either swallowed my fears and dealt with them head on or I figured out a way to change them so that I could be comfortable.  In the beginning, this wasn't a simple task as I didn't realize how many things actually made me uneasy. I also didn't realize how often I tried to avoid an obstacle or pretend one didn't exist. Eventually, I started to not only deal with things immediately, but I began to be proactive about them. This allowed me head off a possible issue before it picked up any momentum.  I also realized that  in most instances, my fears were way worse than the actual outcome of the situation, thus
I became fearless (almost)

After awhile things that use to upset me, no longer upset me; and I was actually
better equipped to deal with adverse situations as I no longer looked at them as
"bad". I would take a situation and say to myself, "Okay Eddie, what can you do
about this?"I then assessed my options, picked one and moved on.  I grew
increasingly confident in my decision making and in myself as a person. I was no
longer indecisive nor did I attach my emotions to every circumstance, as I realized
I was not my circumstance. There are no words that can describe the feeling of
just letting go. I felt so liberated and things became amazingly clear; so clear that
not only could I see the vision God put before me, but I was able to focus on His
instructions which made my vision obtainable.

In January of 2008, without a business background I started my own business.  As
I lay in my bed one night, still unemployed, I could clearly see my future; it was as if
I was watching television and I was the Star.  This feeling of immense pride and
accomplishment came over me as if I was already a success, yet I hadn't done
anything, except have a vision. At that very moment I jumped out of my bed and
started to write the book in my vision, The Comprehensive Guide To Healthy,
Beautiful, Black Hair. I wrote the entire guide in one day as the words just flowed
through me and my fingers just started typing on the keyboard and didn't stop until it was completed.

The next morning I went to my bathroom and pulled out all of my natural
ingredients that I had been using on my hair and decided that I could probably
formulate some seriously awesome products. So, I started experimenting with
formulas and the very first batch was an overwhelming success. The entire
process was anointed as I had no idea why I knew what temperature to heat; or to
cool down the ingredients or where the appropriate measurements came from. My
process is very time consuming and detailed, yet it came to me step-by-step in my
vision. In less than 6 months, I had over 100 testimonials on my website for Sweet
Nature by Eddie Healthy Hair Care System and in less than one year, I gained over
120 customers!

After formulating the products, I had no idea how I was going to sell them because
I didn't have money for a website and I wasn't quite ready to go and bust down the doors to the beauty salons.  One night I saw my website in my dream and when I
awoke in the morning I did a mock version of it in Word. Although I didn't have the
money for a website, I still wanted to get quotes on it (I knew that the money would come as everything else had). After completing my mock site; I found a resource that actually showed me how to build a website and not even a week later was up and running.

I can't really recall any period of time in 2008 that I felt depressed, overwhelmed or
unhappy. I am a single-mother of two children, I work full-time as an Executive
Assistant, and I am running my business from my home dealing with every aspect
of it solo, yet I constantly feel rejuvenated, motivated and inspired.  I believe the
major reason for this is I make it a point to write down, every day, all of the
wonderful things I am grateful for. I really believe the more you appreciate what He
has blessed you with; the more He will bless you; and I am grateful for every
single thing he has allowed me from the ability to drive a car; to giving me two
wonderful children.

Now that I am facing 2009, I am positive that God took all of those things out of my life so that He could make room for the new and improved. I had to let go of these
things without resentment, in order to receive my blessings, which seems to
continuously pour out of the sky, chase me down and jump all over me!  I know
that there are no obstacles I cannot overcome and there is no goal that I cannot
achieve because my faith is unshakable; He's shown me too much for me to
believe that I can be defeated. So I no longer need a New Year's resolution
because I have faith and with faith; I will never fall short.