You Don't Own Me

Our bodies, like our children, do not come with owner's manuals. We gather medical advice and anecdotal experiences throughout our lives about the care-taking of what I consider our most precious resources - our children and our bodies. If I have to explain to you why I believe children are our most precious resources then perhaps you are reading the wrong blog.  But what about our own bodies? When Dan and I were first dating he observed that I have a "body is the temple for the soul" philosophy. I'm going to build on that - I do believe that our bodies are temples for our souls, and also for our minds, our voices, and our behaviors. Growing a life inside of me for 10 months and then giving birth gave me a new perspective on the human body. I don't have to wonder how my own mother felt about this because she talked about it with me.  I remember when I wanted to get a third hole pierced in one ear when I was in middle school my mother said, "OK, but let me take just a moment to look at your ear the way it is right now before you punch another hole in it." Mom, I totally get it now. I made some raw, pure baby bodies and then I had to let them out into the world where they might do everything from getting a tattoo to riding on a motorcycle.  Also, in adolescence we often use our bodies to express our changing identities. 

So why is the title of this post, "You Don't Own Me"? I was thinking when I titled it that most of the other things in my life that I "own" are fleeting - maybe they'll last up to 14 or 15 years (cars, dogs, shoes) or maybe even 30 years (for those of you who own homes) or more - but I own my body for my whole life. If I'm spending money on maintenance for my car every 3,000 miles, you better believe I'm going to spend some money on maintaining my health. What would happen if we treated our bodies better than we treated our cars? All of this is to say that if you haven't had time to get a massage this week go ahead and fit it into the budget this weekend.  Consider it part of your life insurance policy.


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