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I haven't submitted to blogher in a while, but I'm submitting this one here specifically because I believe the mommy blogs are more powerful than many give them credit for. I’m trying my best to speak for a segment of teachers. If you listen and decide I’m full of crap, that’s fine. Just know that, down here in the edu-blogosphere, we’re trying like hell to figure out how best to prepare your children. I may not be that voice that can say what teachers need to say, but teachers are begging for parent input here. Our viewpoint is worth at least a listen, yes?

So, if you think I’m a loser, find another teacher blogger to listen to. I really can deal with that. I’m about like you: I can get jealous of my peers who do better than I, but I am a grown up. I can take it gracefully. I’ve been wrong too many times in my life now to think that I have it all figured out. Plus, it’s been said that I’m completely nuts. (If you said I was nuts, I’d try to act outraged, but I would secretly consider it a compliment. The list of the crazy is long and illustrious. I think being nuts kicks ass, so long as you don’t eat people.)

But I’ve also been right before, too. Again, I’m like you. I’m not completely stupid, and sometimes I do have a point.

I’m writing directly to parents because nobody in the administration, the district office, the state DOE or the Federal DOE will listen. As the layers of bureaucracy softly fold over and smother classroom practice, there’s hardly a sound. So we teacher bloggers are trying to make one. If you don’t listen either, we’re all in serious trouble. Even though the baddies at the top are working full time to keep a red alert going non-stop in our minds to the dangers kids face, your child is not the only thing at stake here. Well, actually, he’s the only thing at stake, but not in the way you think.

Those assholes at the top want to create a world, one which your child will have to live in and raise children in, in which the truly precious things will be held only by an elite few. Money, power, comfort, stability, happiness…. whatever you consider precious, your child has a better chance of getting it if he is the kind of person that is curious, wants to know things, knows how to learn things, believes in his ability to learn, and can adapt to whatever situations come his way to get what he needs and make his way in the world. They want to cheat you out of a better future for your child and his children by getting you focused on short-term, meaningless measures that THEY set.

I don’t have children personally, but I’m pretty sure being educated is helpful in the raising of future generations. Just a guess.

So here’s my first message to you:

If your child is in a public school in America, you’re not in charge here. They are so playing you. They told you that they’d take money out of your pay check every week, and then with that money they’d send your child to school for you? Sounds like a good deal, until you remember that school is a place where…

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