You Had Me At Arrrr: “The Pirates! Band of Misfits”

There’s an innocent, wonderfully unawares brand of daftness that operates throughout The Pirates! Band of Misfits. The British do silly very well. And this is a very silly (wonderfully insane) film. It’s directed by Aardman Animation’s own Peter Lord, who directed Chicken Run and the wonderful short Wat’s Pig (a particular favorite of mine). 

But if you ask me, the look of the film is strictly Nick Park, creator of the lovableWallace and Gromit series. The Pirates! characters have the same wide mouths, large hands, and tiny bead eyes popularized by Park. And I’m not complaining. In the work of Nick Park (and the work of self-respecting clay animators everywhere) you can see the human hands and fingerprints of the modelers who made and manipulate these wondrous folk. You won’t see a better animated film this year (or next, probably). The sets are filled with wry details in a style you’ll recognize from other Aardman films. You can view our behind the scenes slideshow here. And luckily, the end credit crawl includes a closer peek at details from the sets. It’s impossible to appreciate them all in one quick viewing.

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