Yes, Virginia, You Have a Favorite Kid

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Anyone who says they don't have a favorite kid is LYING. In fact, they're probably the same person who, when asked in the first three months of motherhood how it was treating them, responded with "oh it's wonderful, being a mommy is such a beautiful thing."

Again with the lies! Motherhood isn't beautiful! It's messy, pudgy, wrinkly, chaotic, snotty, and often times extremely smelly.

Yes, Virginia, You Have a Favorite Kid

I mean don't go reporting your favorite to the Census Bureau then go and get said child's face on a plaque engraved with their name and the words "My Favorite."

But can't we just admit some days we pick favorites? It doesn't only make us human, it makes us better parents.

Some days we're going to look at our cranky, screaming three-month-old and think, "Can't you just take a frickin nap already," so that we can turn our attention to our sweet and witty toddler who is starving for our attention but handling it like a champ. Other days we're counting down the hours until we can put our tantrum throwing, attitude spewing preschooler down for an early bedtime so we can get in some much needed cuddles with our adorable, giggling one-year-old.

That's what makes us human. What's going to really perfect our parenting skills is the fact that focusing on these thoughts, we're going to work that much harder to behave fairly in the face of wildly temperamental offspring.

If you can survive a day of pure madness with your children with your biggest "fail" being that you mentally favored one of your kids, pat yourself on the back and dub it a success!


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