40 Clues You Might Be A Food Blogger


28. You own more than five different salts, and are aghast when people just own one type – especially if it is regular iodinized table salt.

29. You get super-crazy-excited when you meet a famous cookbook author, chef or food blogger that you admire, and when you try to tell the story to your non-food blogging friends with a “You won’t believe who I just met!!!” intro, they give you a blank look and don’t have a clue who you are talking about.

30. You own chickens. Or you wish you owned chickens.


31. You now describing food as “bright” or “intense” and reserve the words “delicious” and “yummy” to describe articles of clothing or up-and-coming actors.

32. When you eat out and order a dish that surprises you, instead of enjoying it, you start mentally analyzing it and trying to figure out if you can reverse-engineer it at home.

33. Your significant other has gotten in the habit of finishing really amusing, but slightly embarrassing stories with the phrase “…and you can’t blog, Tweet or Facebook about this!"

34. You get tired of people asking you when you are opening up a restaurant/bakery, writing a cookbook, or getting your own TV show. It’s not that easy, people. It’s really not that easy.

35. You own more than one cake stand. Actually, you own more than five cake stands.

36. When you see peeling paint on the wall of a dilapidated house, instead of being sad for the house's owner, you think to yourself, “That would be make a great background texture for one of my photographs…”

37. Even though every food photographer you know has told you that “the gear doesn’t matter,” you know in your heart of hearts that if you owned a Canon 5DMkIII or Nikon D800 your photos would never be rejected by Foodgawker or Tastespotting.

38. You are willing to walk very, very far for an expensive donut. Or an expensive slice of pie. Or an expensive macaron. But not a cupcake. You’re totally over cupcakes.

39. You own at least 10 URLs and keep on buying more as you think of them. Because, you never know when that URL may come in handy.

40. You desperately need to put a blog post up because it’s a Monday and “all your readers” expect you to publish a post on Monday, but you don’t have one ready, so you resort to a silly filler blog post, like “You know you’re a food blogger if…

I know I left some out. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

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