You Look Like Effing Madonna!!

Can I just talk about bracelets for a minute? Because I am having THE BEST DAY and it's completely bracelet related. I LOVE bracelets. I really do. On any given day I stack probably between 20-30 bracelets on my wrists. I feel like they really 'make' an outfit, and I'm completely obsessed with making them. I actually counted last week, and in the last 2 or so months I've made around 85 or so. I really am obsessed.

So when I came to work this morning, I had absolutely nothing to do. I read some of my favorite blogs and got on Facebook for a bit, and then I was bored. So I drove back home really quick and got my beads and findings and other jewelry-making items. And now I've been making bracelets (and necklaces) all morning AND GETTING PAID FOR IT!! I seriously have the best job ever. As long as the phone gets answered and they're brought what they need, no one cares what I do. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason I'm in such a good mood. Well, that and knowing I'm going to get a new iphone tomorrow (my very first one ever!!). Like 3 weeks ago I dropped my phone and cracked the outside plastic casing, so now I have to either keep it taped up or use it with the inside micro-chip board-looking thingys showing. I've also been having problems with the software of the phone itself, and after 3 years of using it, I think it's time to retire my BB for good. I'm so excited to get a new phone tomorrow that I'm even willing to overlook losing a physical keyboard to type on, which is usually my biggest selling point when it comes to buying a phone. I'm not a huge fan of touch screens. But I think it's going to be worth it. If anyone reads this that has an iphone and wouldn't mind posting a comment about whether or not they like it, it would be appreciated. ツ

As of today, I'm also obsessing over DIY phone cases. I've pinned a couple already & really wanna find some extra extra cute ones for inspiration. I have to get back to 'work' now and I really wanna make more bracelets. Have an AWESOME day everyone!! ツ

SIDENOTE: For anyone who was wondering, the title is what my boyfriend says to me EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear more than 3 bracelets. Also, props to anyone who can count how many times the word 'iphone' was used in this entry haha. ♡♡♡


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