You May Not Like this, But You Owe it to Yourself to Check it Out...


Anyone who knows me personally knows that I'm not a conspiracy theorist.  I have a pretty good head on my shoulders and I don't buy into a lot of those really "out there" theories and beliefs.  I am, however, open to self-education, new ideas and thoughts.  I am always willing to consider a possibility before discarding one.

My last post might have given people a clue that I tend to lean toward the conservative side.  I believe in small government and people helping not only themselves but each other.  Keep the government out of it.

Yet the past 20-years have made those views increasingly difficult to enjoy and my hope in a better time for our kids continued to dwindle.  Until I started to hear about a certain man.  When I heard about him and some of the suggestions surrounding him, I became curious and started to read whatever I could find.

If you haven't heard of George Soros, you should find out more about him.  His public character is built up as a philanthropist, but the person behind the scenes seems to be quite different.

Apparently he has not hidden the fact that he enjoys manipulating countries and their economy.  He actually calls it "fun" and you can easily find recordings of him saying this on the interent.

Lately he seems to have his sights focused on collapsing the United States.  It's already started.  All roads lead back to this man- George Soros.

In all the research I've done, I came across this one compilation of quotes and verifiable sources for you to begin with. 

You may not like the source, but at least consider the information HERE.

Please educate yourself and you family. 



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