You, Me and Food!

I have always loved and enjoyed experimenting with cooking, not as any obligation but because of my love for food. But marriage has clearly helped a great deal in discovering more about my 'kitchen abilities' !

How I got into blogging…

The first celestial signal came after I gifted myself an SLR Camera, graduating from a Point and Shoot one like most others. Seeing my close-up shots of food at home as well as on travel, my brother encouraged me to take these pictures seriously. And the brightest celestial signal was from the love of my life, my husband who kept backing me into this. When I kept procrastinating, he himself started it for me and then I took over finally!

I use the basic 18-55 kit lens with my Canon 550D. Photography is a fine art that takes time to perfect. Once I think I am doing good, I plan to upgrade to a 50 mm lens.

I hope to help you in your kitchen venture with my recipes, the formulae for which are derived from and inspired through various sources like my mother, my mother-in-law, my relatives, my friends, my colleagues, and yes, Google of course but with my personal touch.