You, Me and Her...

You wanted her ,because you said, she reminded you of me, and how it used to be,so I thought is he replacing me .You couldn't see the real me because you were too busy seeing her,and she laughs as she thinks she will replace me. You were sure you wanted her as she wanted you and so sure you didn't want me, again she laughs as she thinks she will soon replace me. You left me to be with her ,she laughs as she says she is now me. Now that she has you and you are with her, you realize you just don't want her as she just isn't me. Her laughter fades as she sees you walk away from her to find me, she realizes that she never could have replaced me. So now that there is no you and her.You walk towards me thinking that there is a you and me. I walk away and say there is no you and me its just me as nobody could ever replace or be me as for there is only one of me.


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