You, me and STDs

When Will and Kathryn met, it was like a fairy tale; well, a modern-day one, because Aesop and the Grimm brothers probably couldn't even imagine a story like this.

They spotted each other online, attracted not only by their thoughtful profiles but by their alluring pictures. Who knew fortysomethings could be so hot — and could spell and be so grammatically correct, too?

Because of kids' scheduling, it took two weeks before they could meet but they e-mailed daily and chatted on the phone into the wee hours each night, slowly peeling away the layers until they got to the core of each other. The core was good, too.

When they finally met, it was electric. Not only were they each exactly who they seemed to be through the phone and DSL lines, but they looked even better in person. That was good, too.

And that's when the fairy tale turned into a modern-day Harlequin Spice romance novel, complete with heaving breasts and all sorts of throbbing — on the top of his car hood in the parking lot of the restaurant. It was a memorable night not only for them but for the kitchen help, too, who may have decided it wasn't so bad having to work the late-shift after all.

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