You Provided

You Provided

Once apon a while you were used to make fire on.

You extinguished fires.

You Provided warmth to children on the street.


Once apon a place you were used for shelter ,Yyou were somebody's pillow

You kept the wind out.


Once apon a day, kiddies used you to create music.


Once apon a centure you were used to feed animals and homeless.


Once apon a time People used to step on you to open windows.


Once apon a minute Marchers used you to make noise.

You brought attention to the uprising

You brought attention to people's cries.


Once apon a Year you got Replaced, but you know we still miss you,

You carry all our Childhood memories,


Yea, you brought Joy to Zion.


and Hell yea, you dustbin Lid brought us Freedom. 

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