You Say Tomato, I Say Bloody Mary

Turning this trunk into a mini-bar was one of my life’s greatest achievements. I am still in complete awe. Star struck. At least we have a standing date each week for a drink or two, so my shyness will fade, I’m sure. 

And I have to show you the finished product right away. Go ahead and take your time. The directions aren’t going anywhere.

Ok, welcome back. I bought this beauty at a sale (duh) for $10 a couple years back. I don’t often spend that much on one item, but I had big plans for this fella. I got the courage to begin, because I knew that recovering the inside would be demanding. Two trips to Lowes, three hours and a couple bloody mary’s later, I am done. I started by having Lowes cut my wood to the sizes needed for the trunk. THEY DO THIS FOR FREE!! I measured once (rookie mistake) and had them cut it to my specifications. How were they still too long? WTF!?! I swear it is the tape-measure’s fault. I swear! So I measured AGAIN, and nailed it this time. THEY CUT THEM AGAIN FOR FREE!!Once my shelving was appropriately sized, the painting began.

I bought a moroccan-style navy paper at Hobby Lobby to recover the inside and matching “Blue Prussian” paint for the shelving. Mine took 17 16x16 sheets total. I simply mod podged and pasted in the paper as I went. I was extra careful to not allow bubbles to crop up in the paper....little amounts of glue at a time is helpful for this step

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