You'd Think I'd See a Difference

You'd think after four consecutive days of doing eight minutes of ab work that I'd see some slendering of my gut.  I'm still a bit baffled by the size of my gut.  It my memory of last year, it seemed like my gut thinned out so why, only ten pounds more than my memory of sleekness is my gut jutting out so much?

I pondered this while I took a shower this morning.  

Certainly I can feel the muscles at work within my gut, but when I suck it in, it doesn't really go in very much so obviously it's a lot of fat.  Is the ten pounds I gained all stomach fat?  It can't be because my legs and butt are definitely showing some homesteading claims for that fat.  Could it be some tumor?!  I rather doubt it.

It's just fat and it's a dang drag that after FOUR days of working out at home - four days of which I'm pretty proud of myself for making happen - there's nothing to show for it.

Inhaling and sighing - such is this process.

This is why "lifestyle changes" are so much more fun than trying to lose weight.  If I just suddenly immersed myself in some sport or activity that I'd known nothing about and found a true deep love for (say mountain climbing), all my attention would be on climbing mountains and then one day, in the shower, I'd look down and say, "oh my gosh - where am I?!"  I'd be shrinking without ever being aware of the process.

So far nothing has taken over my like like that so, unfortunately my lifestyle changes are these little things like Jillian and crazy ridiculous small portions of food and a daily self-assessment in the shower looking for some type of positive feedback in return for all the effort it feels like I'm expending. 

Consistency, consistency, consistency.  Slow but steady.  It will pay off.  Yada yada yada. 

What I really want to do is go downstairs and EAT!  Well, maybe I don't, but I want to snack and pick at things.  I think I'll cook up some mixed vegetables instead.  Crud on this getting healthy process.  (I'm on board, just not embracing it with love)


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