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“Oh, don’t worry about it.  I’ll just tell them I don’t want you punished.”  She helped Nahue place the other bag on the luggage rack.  Together they placed her clothes into the drawer.

Nahue shocked his head.  “Why can’t she get a clue?” he thought.

The room fell quiet minus the sound of the two opening and closing the drawers.

Adanna thoughts were on how she was supposed to handle this new person in her life.  Nahue had said he was her assistant. Adanna took a strong look at Nahue, he in turned looked back at her.

“I don’t know how to treat a servant, so I’ll treat you like a friend.”  Adanna said.  She looked to Nahue for his approval.

“I am not your servant.  I am your assistant.  Someone has bought me for you.” Nahue said as he continued on with the unpacking.  Adanna observed he was not paying her any mind about the assistant, servant issue.  She cleared her throat.

Nahue placed a pair of socks into the drawer and looks over at Adanna’s frustrated face.

“That’s sounds nice.  A friend.”  He said putting the last of the clothes up.  “Race you to the bed.” He laughed.

They took off running and jumped onto the bed.  Unfortunately they both bounced off and landed onto the floor laughing.

The horns on the ship blew.  Nahue stood up looking at Adanna.

“You have to go shopping for newer looking clothes.” Nahue said reached into his pocket retrieving a large roll of money, placing it into her hand.

“Get a dress.  You have to go to the deck and I must meet with Catimer.”  Nahue bowed and left the room.


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