Young Children and the Web: Internet Safety Tips and Educational Websites to Get Your Kids Online

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In this day in age, technology is everywhere you look. It's integrated into our everyday lives, from cell phones to tablets, laptops to e-readers and whether you embrace it or shy away, you and your children will be exposed to it in one way or another.


Classrooms throughout the country now have computers, a shift from teaching cursive to keyboarding being made by many teachers throughout the country, along with an overall adaptation to our increasingly technologically driven world.


Exposing your children to computers (and yes, even the Internet) early on, can prove to be beneficial in preparing them for life long learning assisted by and with the use of technology. With your guidance and rules in place, you can help them to learn the basics of navigating the web and even some basic troubleshooting (my eldest has had his teacher come up to me and let me know that he's helped her with a few computer problems, ... he's 5). Along with skill, they will also be learning the importance of Internet safety and getting used to the idea of rules and precautions to take when surfing the web.


Here are a few tips for getting your children started...




Searching for age appropriate and educational content can make your head spin, so I've collected a list of our favourite links, organized by age group for your convenience.








School Age (Under 11)


Most of the sites listed above have information for parents regarding what the site is about and what can be expected throughout your child's visit. Be sure to take a look at that and other extra features the sites offer, ie. apps for your mobile devices, printables, videos etc.


How do you feel about technology and the role it plays in your child's life? 


Please feel free to share any websites that you and your family enjoy, we are always looking for new games to explore!





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