Young Hollywood: Fame. Fortune. Fallout.

During the golden era of old Hollywood, where starlets like Lana Turner, Lauren Bacall and Ava Gardner ( just to name a few) had to worry about the infamous casting couch from certain heads of studios wanting to get into their pants before signing their contracts; these days, it's about the glitz, glamor and twerking that seemingly determines a celebrity prominence in the  eyes of adoring fans and Hollywood gamechangers. The business of entertainment have fallen flat on its definition of "Star" as witnessed by the debacle of some of young celebrities of today in comparison to the true grit of Hollywood stars of yesterdays.

To be considered "Star" power back in the day, was likened to wearing the crown of a princess Grace or standing amongst the ranks of  Josephine Baker or Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis- Hollywood royalty personified! Today's celebrity, tend to redefine and reshape what it means to be touted as a "star" but, then that word seems antiquated as well, when talking about the celebrities of the 21st century!

With the age of modernized technologies like YouTube Videos and such, anyone with an ounce of talent could become famous or "infamous" and work their way to the ranks of becoming Hollywood celebrity. Life as we know it has fallen drastically from the old black and white television screen days when families gathered in their livingrooms to catch a shot of their famous heroine or hero as they spoke their scripted lines like bees make honey. These days, acting, in most films is, well, " a dry read" and songs 'voice overs' of some other person's music.

It's tweens going crazy for the likes of  One Direction or Justin Beaver that has them wanting to emulate their idols, as the parents of these young celebs seems to have lost or loosened control to the reigns of their parental rights and guidance and in some instances, even support their bad behaviors ( Billy Ray Cyrus) where these new breed of celebrity is concerned.

 As the world at large watches Amanda Bynes. Justin Beaver and Miley Cyrus following in the destructive path of a  Brittany Spears, Linday Lohan, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, before they grew into adulthood and gathered understanding- it's inevitable that they will hopefully, "grow up" and live to see a long fruitful life- sans the alleged drugs, drinking, provocative pics via instagrams and profane sexual performances that adds up to the glitz, glamour and fallout- making "history"in the name of Hollywood Celebrity.  


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