Your advice for a blog editor

I have this idea, but I need some advice on how to do it.

Basically my idea is to start editing blog posts for regular bloggers. I figure lots of bloggers have great ideas and information to share, but don't feel very confident about their grammar, spelling, usage, etc. Since I have an English/editing background, I figure I am in a position to help these bloggers improve their credibility and professionalism and if I could get some regular work, it could be great income for me. I love reading blogs too, so it would be fun to be involved a little bit and get to read some interesting content as I work.

Here are my questions:

Are you aware of a company/service/person that does something like this already?

Would you be interested in something like this? Why or why not?

What would you consider paying someone for a service like this? Perhaps a flat rate per 100 words or something?

How would you suggest I approach bloggers about this opportunity?
Any other ideas/advice for me?

Thank you!


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