Your Baby First Trip to the Dentist

At the Dentist

When it comes to your child's doctors, you can never study too much!  When deciding who your little one will see for their dental work, it's best to go to a pediatrics dentist.  Though you and your significant other have been going to the same family dentist, some family dentists don't have pediatric education.  Pediatric dentists are specially trained to work with children as young as infancy.  They are trained to understand childrens oral work, along with how to handle a squirming child!  Never forget to check and see if the pediatric dentist takes the insurance your child has, or what the prices run before you make a solid decision.

What to Expect

Though every dentist is different, there are key procedures that do take place at every first visit.  The first visit is advised to take place when the first tooth sprouts, or at the latest by their first birthday.  The main goal with the first visit is to create comfortability between you, your child and the dentist.

Routine procedure includes checking the child's bite (whether they have a natural overbite, underbite, teeth placement, etc.) along with looking at their gums and jaw.  If they see fit they may clean any existing teeth and use fluoride, though they may also make an appointment on a different day for those.

Before you leave, expect to talk to the dentist about basic hygiene for children.  The dentist will talk about proper teeth brushing, what to look out for, and foods/drinks to avoid.  This would be a great time to ask questions yourself!

Excellent Questions to Ask

When asking medical questions, there are no stupid questions!  Never feel like a burdon when asking a question, part of any doctors job is to also answer their patients questions!  Here are a few good questions to start off with:

>The effects any habits your child has such as a pacifier, thumb-sucking, etc. on their teeth

>How often your child should be seen (if the dentist doesn't specify automatically)?

>What should be used to clean your child's teeth?

>How important are the primary (baby) teeth?

>What can be done about toothaches?

>What can be done to prevent tooth decay?

>When to start using toothpaste and how much?

If you desire, write down your questions before your child's appointment.  That way you can add more questions, check over anything the doctor didn't already explain, or so you don't forget anything with the hassle and bussle of your child's first dentist appointment anxiety!

First Dentist Appointment Anxiety

The first time in the dentist's office can be anxiety ridden for both you and your child!  There are many tips and tricks to help calm those dentist office jitters!  First off, remember your child looks to you for reaction!  If you are acting nervous, your child will feel nervous as well!  Even if you're feeling anxious, keep calm for your little one.  Pediatric waiting rooms have interactive toys and activities, take advantage of the environment!  Encourage your child to play and even join them!  With their mind off of the new situation, they're stress levels will decrease.  While they're sitting in the dentist chair, give comforting feedback to your child!  Try holding their hand and saying things such as "Good job" and "You're doing great" after each procedure (no matter how minor the procedure was.)  If you desire, you can buy toy dentist sets!  Let the child feel comfortable with the tools and show how each tool will be used.  That way the tools used during the visit don't seem quite so foreign to them!

Good Luck



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