Your Bedroom is Telling Your Secrets

I remember once doing a postmortem review on a relationship with an ex. We sat down very thoughtfully and looked at what we did right and where we went wrong. Both of us really wanted to learn the lessons on the table so we could be better in future relationships. After we’d more or less finished he paused for a moment and said, “You know, our bedroom was a wreck. Almost all the time. Drawers open, stuff was everywhere. It’s not like the rest of the house was ever really unkempt, but the bedroom really irritated me. I didn’t want to be there.”

It was like an afterthought. I’ve never forgotten it. He didn’t want to be there, and neither did I. He slept a lot on the sofa because of insomnia. I always had the window in there open, summer and winter, so it was often very cold. However, I felt like I was suffocating in there all the time.

I don’t think our relationship ended because of a messy bedroom. However, I do think that bedroom told the story of our relationship. Almost everything between us was functional, but the passion in that relationship was dead flat.

All of our spaces tell a story. Your car, your kitchen, your living area, your office, and your bedroom are all telling your secrets. I’m not a Feng Shui expert, but I do know that my space is a reflection of the energy I’m flowing in a very specific way. When it comes to romance the bedroom is an open book.

When life is busy, and life is always busy, the thought of cleaning your house or creating a space for romance can feel like just one other thing to do. For many people it’s the one other thing we resent. I know for myself nothing makes me angrier than having to sacrifice a weekend to cleaning my house. I feel like it’s stealing my time.

However, what if you could use your space to create a specific result in your life? What if creating a beautiful and functional office could increase your income? What if dedicating your bedroom to becoming a sacred sanctuary for passion would improve your marriage? If that was a given, would you do it?

If you wanted a more passionate relationship or a more successful business, you probably would.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, because I’ve thought it myself. “I don’t have the time or the money to put into my bedroom or anything else right now.” I think that thought is a sign of overwhelm and overwhelm makes everything seem harder. I also think that thought is dead wrong. Here’s why.

The average divorce costs between 15 and 20,000 dollars and takes six months to a year. That’s not counting the ongoing costs and emotional damage. We’re just talking about the legal expenses and time.

Think about that.

Knowing that, does it make it easier to invest in a space for to hold and grow your relationship??

Investing in your relationship on the front end, is always less expensive than trying to fix it when it’s broken.  (tweetable!)

Space is an easy place to start. Create a space you want to be in. Create a space that inspires you to feel romantic. Create a space that reflects the passion you want to have, not necessarily the passion you have right now. The thing about that kind of investment is when it’s finished it feeds you energy. It nurtures your spirit. It frees you up to be in your life and your relationship.

Your relationship is worth investing in.

With love~

Lisa Hayes

The Love Whisperer

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