Is Your Blog A Hot Mess? Finding Your Blogging Voice

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Danielle Barnsley

Do you dread writing in your blog? Do you struggle to find your blogs identity, but want to continue to keep it alive? How do you find that "unique" blogging voice without becoming gimmicky? How do you attract readers in a genuine fashion without losing your real voice in the process? 


Finding Your Blogs Voice: Is your blog a hot mess? 

-Does your blog already have a voice, but it's covered by a lack of direction? Do you want to change the voice your blog has? 

-Appearance of a blog is a huge deal- when you first land on your page, what do you think of it? Is it too busy? Is it cluttered, and hard to navigate? Does it show who YOU are as a blogger? 

-Do you make it easy for readers to comment? Or do you treat your readers as thought they are unwanted spam bots?


How To Cultivate Your Voice: 

-Brainstorming activity with crowd regarding their blogs. 


Social Media: 

- Are you using social media to your advantage? How does social media help you find your voice? 

- Do you need to separate person accounts and blogging?

-Can social media help you find your voice or is it just a waste of time? What social media source is best for you and your blog?  



How To Develop Your Voice/Brand: 

- Do you have your own URL? Or have you invested in your blog? Do you need to spend money to attract readers? 

- How often do you read your own posts? Do you hit post and forget about the post? Are you editing? Is it important to edit? Why?

-Being proud of your voice- share, share, share! 

-Submitting unpublished pieces to other outlets. 

-Learning to sum up your writing style and ideas in the form of a pitch, so PR people  know who you are. 

-When does sharing become spam? 


I see this panel being a mix of experienced bloggers, directed at newbies, or blogs that are going through transition. We would discuss our personal experiences, share activities, and information about different topics, and leave lots of room for open discussion.