Far long ago I was a meeting leader for Weight Watchers International. Oh how I loved my lil Weight Watchers gig. The success I had with Weight Watchers catapulted me to start a business with Matol Botanical International and I loved that even more than Weight Watchers. I soared on the sea of size 4 and 6 for five years. My feet never touched the ground. As we say in New Orleans I was hot y'all. In 1994, I became pregnant with my first and only child. Before delivery I had gained 70 pounds. Yes Lord! 70 pounds. It’s not easy to dig yourself out of a 70 pound hole. However, it was doable. I was able to shed 50 pounds with the Atkins diet. However, my thoughts of feeling fat and getting disgusted with my Atkins lifestyle moved me in the wrong direction. In time I gained 50 pounds back and have been in the midst of a Battle Royale since. I have spent thousands on books, DVD’s, diet plans, Weight Watchers re-enrollments [in an attempt to capture the elusive Goal Weight Pin].I know the answer is within; I believe all is within. So several months ago, I gave my ego a time-out and faced the challenge once again.

 Okay I entered the numbers to get my ideal body weight and what happens? This little arrow points down to the shaded area called OBESE. Yikes! Even though I knew it giving it a name hurt. But I'm not staying there [hurt] and feeling sorry for myself or sticking my head in the sand and refusing to weigh. No in deed. I decided to be grateful for being brave enough to fill in the boxes and focused enough to love myself where I am. My reward has been a 13 pound weight loss. Will you join me?




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