Your Body is a Canvas

Lets face it. We all hate something about our bodies. Every one of us. I hate my tummy. I hate my flabby underarms, and my butt is flat.  But, I got some killer legs and awesome breasts. How can women look at themselves and find something about them that they love?

Well, the body is a canvas. Stripped down, consider it something that just needs to be adorned, and adorned beautifully. Take a look at yourself in the mirror butt naked. Decide what part of your body you are damn proud of. Seriously! If you can't find anything, keep looking until you find something.


Celebrate that one area that you know is so beautiful, and quintessentially you. Once you find that area that you really love, let's play it up. Maybe you love your arms. Wear a sleeveless shirt. Maybe you love your breasts, it's OK to wear a V-neck or a low cut shirt. If you have lovely legs, show case them!

The trick is to bring the eye to that one area, without trying to look like your trying too hard. How do you do that? You dress confidently, you dress tastefully (ie: please don't wear a short skirt with a low cut shirt. It doesn't look good.), maybe you put some self-tanner on if that's your thing, or you decorate it with some jewelry.

The main thing is to find something you love about YOU. Your body is a piece of art that's just made to be decorated. Celebrate that beautiful fact!

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