Is Your Child Anxious? Does He Fear Being Left Behind?

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Do you have an anxious child? Were you an anxious child? I was, and I see some of my anxious traits displayed in my older son. I'm thankful that I know how to help him with some things, that I know when my presence is needed or when it's best for me to let him sort it out on his own. Julie at Life... According to Julie was an anxious child parenting an anxious child -- and she was recently late to pick him up. She's deciding how to help him through this fear.

She shares how she's approaching the issue:

This is the thing with anxious children. They need help de-constructing their fears. Evan has had no previous experience that would suggest he would ever be forgotten, but it doesn’t matter. He’s terrified of it nonetheless.

Now it’s possible that I’ve reinforced the fear…by never being late. Now I will deliberately be five minutes late, ten minutes late, a minute late, etc. I will warn him of course. But the only way to get over the fear is to go through it.

My plan is to force him to wait at random times. I will prepare him with our talk and let him know we’re going to overcome the fear together. I will remind him about all the things I would do to make sure he got home safely. And then- I’ll make him face it.

If you have an anxious child or one struggling with being forgotten at school or an event, the post is a must-read.

Left Behind
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