Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Connect to Your Heart of Hearts 12/24/11

There are Spiritual aspects that connect to your heart of hearts, making your internal desires more obvious to you.

Unconditional love may be translating into your reality.

Be watchful of including illusions or dreamy ideals into something so wonderful as unconditional love.

Opposing Energies: fear, doubt, illusions, lack

Use caution today, as a large part of today’s influence could be influenced by the use of alcohol or substances in making merry.

Also, a nagging doubt or fear of losing something, though unneeded, is ending.

Perhaps you experience a disappointment.

However, your current process is about acceptance and moving forward.

Pay attention to your health with all the interactions and activities you’re experiencing.

If some health issue is nagging you, investigate further, rather than allow the worry chatter to be so annoying in your head.

Wide Awake Words™ for today: openness, unconditional, allowing

You have the ability to see clearly and to back off of idealizing romantic love from becoming your most cherished dream, as that isn’t true reality.

Dreams can be premonitions and foretell your future; so use your dreams as vehicles to understanding your most heartfelt desires.

Keep your eyes and heart open to the possibilities and allow the flow.

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