Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Be Your Own Teacher 3-8-12

The success you want in your career is available provided you’re wise and apply your business skills and mastery with responsibility in leadership roles.

Being stubborn is restricting and likely making your life intense and unproductive.

This is a time to cut your losses and move on, rather than be “stuck” in a situation, waiting for developments.

Opposing Energies: resistance, stubbornness, uncooperative, thoughtlessness

Waiting is a non-action and produces no outcome.

Wide Awake Words™ for today: considerate, compromise, accomplishment

If you’re looking for progress and success, then cooperate with others and be clear with your intent.

In today’s case, be your own teacher, and learn to channel those great creative thoughts into leadership opportunities.

Good News for Relationships: The energies today address the intent to have a partner in business or combine business, romance and friendship in cooperation with business.

You can achieve a great deal of happiness in your relationships. Having balance with where you place your affections and how you handle your emotions creates the success you want to experience in your relationships.



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