Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Close Friendships Will Undergo Tests 3-3-12

It’s a great day for both business and personal relationships.

Plenty of happy events today: pleasure, friendship, even romance and flirtations are in store for some.

Opposing Energies: disputes, tempers, scattered, instability

It may seem hard to be on task.

The irritating disruptions from visitors may get on your nerves.

Make efforts to be more assertive however do no harm.

Your current difficulties stem from inner attitudes about upheavals and change; and unfortunately some folks may end up undermining others out of fear of change.

These are just changes in routines.

Close friendships will undergo tests, but rest easy, it will go well.

Wide Awake Words™ for today: sober planning, positive attitudes, kindness

Good news for relationships: While it’s a day full of love and affection, examine your fears about not getting enough affection.

Allow others to be as they are, rather than changing them.

Realize it’s your emotional challenge, and try not to push.

Allow the positive results without unreasonable demands.



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