Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Karma Isn’t Providing Resistance 6-14-12

Regardless of an inability to make a decision today, use your creative energies available to determine just how to master your situation.

The desire to improve circumstances at work presents opportunities to utilize new talents, skills, and increasing efforts to promote the outcome you desire.

Opposing Energies: Faithlessness, fear, irresponsibility.

Karma quite possibly may have a hand in today’s events.

Follow the tracks of what may be manifesting, observing either obstacles or opportunities.

Obstacles represent a learning curve (karma), asking one to persist and deal with any challenges as lessons needed to get the job done, or to make a change.

Wide Awake Words™ for today: Anticipation, power, influence.

Opportunities signify something rather dynamic is coming or about to happen, as Karma isn’t providing resistance.

See the forward momentum as a great energy with lasting changes flowing toward your goals.

More than anything pay close attention to your life right now.

View your life process as though you were observing yourself in a dream.

Give your attention to what is working, and then to what is resisting.

Sometimes we resist and “Push the River” unknowingly in order to make progress.

This time you will observe to determine if you’re in the flow; if not…evolve.

Make a plan based on your observations and get back to an awake place.



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