Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Opportunities in Teaming 3-21-12

We are enjoying a refreshing change of pace. 

Regardless of the oppositions that I’ll mention after this, today represents not only opportunities in teaming such as with your partner in life or work; it’s also as if we recognize the beauty and sweetness of partnering.

The caring, compassion and strength in the power blending of two people, and the combination of the energies making a third energetic presence, new and full of the powerful intentions of the two!

Delightful, to say the least…

Opposing Energies: detached, uncooperative, obstinate

Now, the opposition:

Dueling, conflicting, argumentative, resistance to change; and lastly, conditionally partnering with another due to your personal insecurities- your feelings that going alone in life or business isn’t good enough.

Wide Awake Words™ for today: focused will, determination, progress, cooperation

Reflect on your attitudes about yourself, and appreciate your own great qualities knowing in partnering you manifest your mirror as well as your own intent.

Remember as one you’re a powerful force.

And when you add another, the harmony magnifies your vibrational fields and allows for a more focused intent and awareness.



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