Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Pay Attention to Your Intentions Today 5-3-12

Juggling two jobs or two lifestyles may feel taxing today.

Hold your ground, as indecision may increase your levels of negatives including being argumentative and stubborn.

While the forces of life have their effects today, another force is at play: A Spiritual Force.

Pay attention to your intentions today, and feel your way through with a positive attitude.

Opposing Energies: Argumentative, stubborn, worry, indecisiveness.

The negatives and vacillation serve their purpose- to create within you that spiritual force that moves you closer to what you want.

It’s similar to negative programming on television…The advertiser will describe a negative experience with which it has a corrective. Then the advertiser will offer a solution.  But wait!   Not before the advertiser displays how useless their competitors are to reduce the playing field (and to inspire you to buy their product)!

Wide Awake Words™ for today: Inspired, meditate, connected.

Spirit working within you is showing you via the negative what you are resisting, which is something better and positive.

Sometimes your programming prevents you from moving forward.

These feelings of stress and worry are indications of changes within you, waiting to be implemented.

When you get the chance, take a 5 minute breather to meditate and feel more connected.

You’re shifting, and the changes will arrive easier when you elevate your thinking, even if it’s for 5 minutes.

That brief connection may be all that’s needed to be inspired!

Remember this- When you dream, those dreams are but seconds!

So a brief meditation surely will have input for you.

No worries. Just pay attention today.



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